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Our R Specialists will handle the cleaning process once they have reviewed and accepted the conditions of the container(s).

Container(s) is accepted if they DO NOT: Leak; Catch fire; Crack, break, or melt under high temperature.

You may check out the step by step guide below:

The R Kit contains 25 unique 2ml scent vials, an Instruction Manual, a Scent Chart, and 24 Refill Labels. You may use it as a reference guide for your refill request, or utilize them in any oil or stone diffuser.

Once we have received your container(s), the R Team will undergo the refill process, from cleaning, mixing, and curing. After approximately 7-14 working days, your candle(s) will be ready for pick up at the store or your designated location.

There are a vast world of scents waiting for us to explore. RBeCandle will periodically send out selections of scent collection kit for you to explore. Those selections will also be available for refill, so you can always add new refill options to your containers.

In RBeCandle, we envision a lifelong companionship of comfort, promised by our craftsmanship and your love for candle. In adherence to our passion, RBeCandle will send limited membership offers from BeCandle and BeCandle's retail partners.